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The first applicants to submit their application for immigration will consequently have the best chance to come to Canada sooner.

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Getting the work permit, student or tourist/visitor visa is permanently in our attention.

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We speak English, French, Romanian, Chinese, Korean, Hungarian, German, Italian and Spanish.

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CD Immigration and Settlement

CD Immigration and Settlement is an immigration and visa company based in Toronto, Ontario, certified by the Canadian government, and backed by over 10 years expertise in immigration visa, student visa, business visa, and work permit for Canada.

Stela Coldea, our immigration expert is a Licensed Immigration Legal Representative (click on the link)

Stela Coldea is also accredited by the Quebec government.

Contact us now by phone: +1-647-855-2112 or by email via contact page.

Office address: 553 Wilson Heights Blvd, Unit 1B, North York, Ontario, M3H 1V2, CANADA.

Our immigration and visa company could assure your successful processing of the immigration file to Canada in 6 months to the areas that are in need of workforce at this moment.

Each year, a multitude of individuals from all parts of the globe, in search of a better life for themselves, choose to immigrate to Winnipeg, Manitoba, as a means to achieve their goals.

For all your immigration needs we have a valid immigration program under Manitoba Provincial Nominee with Winnipeg as your destination.

We always do our best to help our clients qualify in one of the immigration categories. We helped applicants for Temporary Work Permit. Many individuals looking to immigrate to Canada in the Skilled Worker Class were happy to get their resident status in Canada in a short time by using the immigration services provided by CD Immigration and Settlement People working in U.S. on an H-1B, H1-B1, H-1C, or E-3 Visa were assisted to come to Canada and work here. For students searching for a way to study in Canada, we facilitated a Student Visa - in some cases they decided to apply permanent resident status. Read about the Canadian Live-In Caregiver Program!

Our company has assisted clients from all over the world, having a strong reputation after helping hundreds of families to settle in Canada.

CD Immigration and Settlement has offered immigration law counseling to clients from Europe, Asia, Americas, or Africa living in their countries of origin or other countries without a resident status. Other clients were assisted if they were in Canada visiting or even without a visa. We offer complete services to our clients, including support for finding a job or a place to live in Canada.

The clients in special categories have been assisted to submit their application for asylum. Our success in this category is 98%. For the other 2%, our company has continuously assisted our clients and the permanent residency was granted. Due to the permanent effort of our professional team - recognized by the Canadian government - the outcome of the Humanitarian, Sponsorship or Family Reunification cases has constantly increased our recognition in the immigrant communities in Canada.

Submit your official immigration application as soon as possible. If you wait too long, Canada's selection criteria may have changed or the list of areas of training may have changed in the meantime.

Canada is still attracting millions of new immigrants due to the promising life, a steady economy that guarantees the investments in a free country. The immigrants are well regarded in Canada and they consider Canada their home.